Electrical and Electronics Engineering


PSG-PROSUN Centre of Excellence in Solar PV Systems


    List of Major Equipments : 


1. Solar PV Cell Assembling Unit
2. Solar PV Module Reliability Testing Unit
3. Different Technologies of Solar PV Modules
4. Solar power Optimizers
5. Solar PV Simulator
6. Solar PV online monitoring system
7. Solar PV Hybrid system
8. Solar PV system Training & Research Test Rig
9. Solar PV system Design software
10. 5kW Monocrystalline solar PV system
11. 5kW Thin film solar PV system
12. 1kW Flexible solar tent
13. Solar PV charge controller Test Rig
14. 1phase Inverter Test rig
15. 5kW 1phase On-Grid ZIGOR SUNZET SP5 Inverter
16. 5kW 1phase On-Grid ZIGOR SUNZET TL5 Inverter
17. 2.2Kw 1phase On-Grid Solaredge SE2200 Inverter
18. 1.5Kw 1phase On-Grid ZEVER SOLAR Everso Inverter
19. 2Kw 1phase Off-Grid EMERSON Libert Inverter
20. 300w 1phase On-Grid KaiDeng Micro Inverter
21. 2.3Kw 1phase Hybrid(SolarPV-Wind) Outback Inverter
22. All measuring Meters for Solar PV System