Electrical and Electronics Engineering





Major Facilities available:


1. Power Quality Analyzer
2. Pulse Centralizer (LM25) - 25 INPUTS
3. Pulse Centralizer LM50TCP+ (LM50)- 50 INPUTS
4. Relay Output Module - 24 OUTPUTS
5. Smart Grid Management Software
6. Maximum Demand Predictive Controller
7. Single Phase Power Analyzer
8. Three Phase Compact Power Analyzer with CT
9. Three Phase Comfort Power Analyzer with CT
10. With Lighting Loads and Inductive Loads for demand control
11. Direct Current Three Phase Net Mete
12. With Lighting Loads and Inductive Loads for Loss Simulation
13. Dynamic Power Controller with Demand Management
14. Motorized Circuit Breakers
15. Motorized Circuit Breakers with ELR
16. Self Reclosing Circuit Breakers
17. Touch Screen Monitor
18. Filter Bank - 150 kVAr in 6 Stages - Thyristorized @ 440 V
19. Efficiency Data Server
20. Electric Vehicle Recharging Box


    Faculty in  charge :

Dr. J. Kanakaraj
Mr. S. Karthikeyan
Mr. M. Kathiresh
Mr. M.S.Raja Ganesh
Ms. K. Latha Maheswari

Technical Staff :

Mr. R. Karthikeyan